by Rev. Emairelhd Eartheart

Non-Legal Ceremonies



Private Weddings

Marrying the one you love is a deeply personal and unique shared journey. Some couples don't want to involve the law in their joining for various reasons. In ancient times, simply the recognition of your love and commitment to each other in front of witnesses was all that was necessary to declare two people wed. Keeping with that tradition, I will merrily join the hearts and hands of all couples. I am familiar with and fully support poly unions and commitment ceremonies, and am comfortable with collaring or other relationship defining rites that may fall outside the "social norms". Contact me with your needs and we will work something out for you!


Traditonal Wiccan Hand-fastings

In modern Wicca, hand-fasting rituals are a kind of "trial marriage" meant to test the waters of co-habitation before diving into a legally binding marriage. This type of hand-fasting is meant to last one-year-and-one-day at which point the couple either decides to marry legally, or to go their separate ways (usually after a hand-parting ritual). This type of hand-fasting ritual is preformed no differently than when done legally, but no license is obtained from the state.


Vow Renewals

Relive the blissful romance of your wedding day and reaffirm your commitment to each other with an Anniversary vow renewal! This is typically a simple exchange of vows at an Anniversary party, but I will work with you to create your perfect renewal ceremony however you wish to do so.


Baby Blessings and Wiccanings

A baby blessing is a beautiful rite welcoming a newborn or newly adopted child into the world and into your family; traditionally preformed in the hospital or place of birth, it can also be done in the privacey of your home or other location of your choosing. Baby blessings involve the whole family and include heartwarming spoken words and charging of blessed waters and salt that are gently touched to the baby's forehead. Wiccanings (also called Paganings) are more formal rituals that can be done at the numerical age interval of your choosing (sometimes 3 months, 9 months, 13 months, 3 years, etc) where in a child is formally introduced and welcomed by the Gods of your tradition. It is common to choose a craft name for your child at this time, to be used in family workings. Wiccanings are always personally written for your family, in keeping with your family traditions and practices.