by Rev. Emairelhd Eartheart

Tie the Knot with a Hand-fasting Ritual



Pagan Marriage Ceremonies

For the couple who identify as Pagan but may not necessarily be very openly pagan - you can still have a pagan wedding! We can work together to create a traditional standing style ceremony yet incorporate pagan imagery and verbage into your service. This can be as open or covert as you like. The ceremony can be constructed to flow exactly as a traditional wedding, with very little changed so that attendees of the wedding don't even realize they have just witnessed a pagan rite! Or you may choose to incorporate a few pagan elements, such as the tying of the hands during vows, utilization of a unity candle ceremony to represent the Goddess and God, even the jumping of the broom can be nice folksy additions to a classical wedding style.


Pagan & Wiccan Hand-fasting Rituals

For the couple who are openly pagan and wish to have a full formal ritual - we will work together to create a ritual styled with the tradition or traditions you and your betrothed are accustomed to practicing.