by Rev. Emairelhd Eartheart

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About Me

I was born and raised in Huntsville, AL. I grew up in the Southern Baptist church, and although I eventually grew away from that faith, I do look fondly upon my religious upbringing and appreciate the opportunity to experience a spiritual lifestyle as a child. As a young teenager, my experiences in a normal, state-funded, world history class led me to research the history of religion throughout the ages and eventually to the discovery of the new age reconstruction movement in earth-based spirituality. I found great comfort in celebrating the changing of the seasons instead of celebrating what I now perceived as mythical tales as if they were historical truths. It made much more sense to me, that if I was going to pay respect to anything at all, it should be this amazing world we live in, that literally sustains our life. As I grew to adulthood and became involved with the pagan community, as well as the atheist community, I realized there was a distinct lack of legal wedding officiants available. I saw many a friend give-in to family and outside pressures to have a church-wedding, even though their personal beliefs were entirely different. It became clear to me that this hole needed to be filled; people needed to be able to express their own inner-self, especially in such an important life event. I decided that I would take it upon myself to study and provide this service, that I would make myself available for any type of alternate ceremony that anyone needed, regardless of their affiliations - including doing ceremonies cleverly disguised as church weddings [something many of my friends attempted to do to try and keep the peace] In 2011 I began and completed a year-long course of study to become legally ordained as a First Degree Priestess with the Correllian Nativist church. With certificate in hand, I embarked upon my journey and what a wonderfully fulfilling one it has been! Then in 2018 I returned to my studies and completed my Second Degree ordaination as well, to better serve the community as a whole. If you feel that I may be the right officiant for your wedding needs, please email or call me, I would love to talk to you!